Ringside camera should go live about 5 mins before the sale starts. If the sale should be running and no video appears, please make sure you refreshed this page.

Live streams only start 5 minutes before sale.

The sale should be available here

If it does not work please try below link to Facebook or YouTube Live videos

Friday – weanlings, cattle and cows at 1pm. Saturday – Calves at 12 noon

Live Sales

Youtube live stream version should appear here.

This live video can be replayed while playing live, so if you just miss your animals selling you can rewind to view them. If the sale is not live it will show a grey box stating video is unavailable. Please don’t forget to refresh this page if you think the sale should be live, but no video is showing.

Previous sales.

View our last live sales. If our most recent live sale does not appear please check back as it can take up-to one hour.

To view the stream live on YouTube click here

To view the stream live on Facebook click here

Weanlings, cattle and cows on Friday from 1pm.

Calves & runners will sell on Saturday from 12 noon